My son Chad needs prayer s with a custody issue with his daughter, Bella. | 3/20/18
— Leisa Reed
Please keep my mom in your prayers. She had chemo last week and had labs today. Her kidney functions are very high, she had to have fluids today. Possibly more fluids as the week goes. | 3/19/18
— C Sexton
I am asking for prayer for my doctors appointment on Wednesday Morning for a second opinion on my vocal cord, please pray for strength, guidance, and a good report from the doctor. | 3/19/18
— Michael Martin
For Tony my husband to accept Jesus and be saved. Restoration of our marriage. Also for the salvation of our two daughters Carrie and Christina. | 3/18/18
— Anonymous
Just had knee surgery last Wednesday. Still recovering in a cast. Attended cornerstones launch service and it really lifted my spirits. I’ll be there every Sunday, it’s definitely my new church home. My cast gets to come off in a few weeks just asking for prayer as I recover. For God to help me be patient and to give me strength through physical therapy. Thanks in advance! | 3/18/18
— Christian Jackson
Please pray for the salvation, deliverance and emotional healing of Paola in Miami. Pray also that the Lord brings Spirit filled Christian friends into her life and God enables her to walk away from ungodly company. Thanks | 3/16/18
— Juan Soler
Prayers for Denise and Phil Pilkerton in dealing with the loss of their son. | 3/16/18
— Cheryl James
The victims of the FIU bridge collapse... The friends. The relatives. The families. | 3/16/18
— Charles B
UPDATE #2: Tammy will be having surgery tomorrow afternoon (Friday 3/16) at 12:30 to repair an extreme degenerated disc that has been causing her so much pain. Please pray for a successful surgery and a speeding recovery. Pray for Gods hands to move and be in control.
In Christ Loving name. | 3/16/18
— Danny Bale
Bullying situation at my daughter’s school, please pray for results. Decision is being made by the school on Friday. | 3/15/18
— Anonymous
Healing of a broken arm | 3/14/18
— Caroline Rankin
Hudson McCauley (13 months old) is having major surgery tomorrow | 3/13/18
— Anonymous
UPDATE: Tammy’s test on Thursday was completed with success. The doctors were able to pinpoint the area of the cervical spine that is causing her pain. Doctors have said that she will need another surgery to repair the area that is pinching her nerves. However, currently she is experiencing an even greater pain then before the test. Not sure if the test caused additional pain or it is just a coincidence. Please continue to pray for her current pain level and for her comfort. Pray they will schedule the surgery very soon. Thank you in Christ name. | 3/12/18
— Danny Bale
My granddaughter is going to her neurologist on Friday and we would like prayers that her results are good. | 3/12/18
— Dana Reed
Please pray for the Clyde Elzy Family as they have to say their last good bye tomorrow | 3/11/18
— Kemo Wallace
Please pray for my friends Sheila and Joyce. They both are going through rough times. | 3/11/18
— anonymous
As an Orphan Host Mom and after hosting for six weeks, it was hard to let go of Serhii (6), but living out faith we knew this is what we had to do... “Letting go to Let God”. Since then, his next host family took him in and fell in love. They now are starting their Adoption Journey. Please join us in requesting; to be protected in the financial sacrifice and the emotional hardships, along with both government parties in protecting any delays for extra time and money. Much appreciated. | 3/10/18
— Angie Thompson
Tammy (wife) is having a Myelogram Thursday morning around 8:30 to determine where the nerves in her cervical spine are being compressed that is causing severe pain in her left arm. Just last October she had surgery to repair this issue, obviously they missed something. We have a new doctor now. Please pray the test goods well and they find a fix for her pain. Thank you in Christ name. God is good. | 3/8/18
— Danny Bale
So thankful we have a place to worship. Pray for God’s blessing and leadership as we continue to work together | 3/5/18
— Shirley Bailey
Going through Cancer treatments. Very rough right now | 2/28/18
— Roger Haynes
Some foster families I know facing possible changes in their kids placement. Pray God’s will and protection of the children and wisdom for the judge and workers. Just worried about them being safe if they move them. | 2/21/18
— Annonymous
Jacob is in a war zone on the other side of the world right now. Please pray for his safety and for those he is protecting. | 2/20/18
— Jacob Howell
Pray for my nephew Robert Stettler and his daughter Alaina ,surgery for Kidney transplant on February 29 need all prayers they can get. God Bless. | 2/18/18
— Rose Allen
My daughter needs prayer . she has a court date for march 6th for custody of her 2 sons 8 an 6. Their dad is in a harmful place with drinking and drugs..Pray for Russ Wells to surrender to Jesus, for his salvation..God’s protection for the boys. For God’s favor and the judge restores the boys back with their mom. So she can raise them up to know Jesus. | 2/18/18
— Kim Adams
My husband and I have been going through infertility issues for almost 3 years now and we just ask for prayers to keep our faith and trust in the Lord as we continue this walk. We ask for prayers that one day the Lord will bless us with a child. | 2/18/18
— Lauren Lindsey
Please pray for my family. My boyfriend, the father of my daughter struggles with untreated alcoholism. I am taking a step to leave to let this person know that I can’t surround myself or child with the behavior any longer. I love him very much but cannot live just hoping and wishing the situation changes. I hope and pray and know he can change this and that there is hope and help, I just don’t know if he is willing to seek the help. | 2/18/18
— Annonymous
My brother, Bobby Taylor, has experienced difficulty breathing. He also had to have his heart shocked to get it back in rhythm. Pray that he will be healed and his health restored. | 2/17/18
— Ann Jackson
Please pray for my healing and that I continue looking up and stay focused on God in all things. I have a Praise that I had my first treatment and didn’t get sick. In Christ Love | 1/28/18
— Debbie Curl
My cousin has been battling depression. We found out today he has been causing self harm. Please pray for his healing. Also, for his parents as they decide what steps to take next. | 1/25/18
— Anonymous
Wisdom | 1/25/18
— Anonymous
Please pray for guidance and discernment as Cornerstone continues to grow | 1/23/18
— Derek Kendall